I use Divi and Divi Builder a lot. Extra, the theme I’m using on this website, also uses Divi Builder. Almost all of my clients love it – literally everybody except for 1 person in Texas. (You know who you are.) But Divi Builder isn’t perfect.

In this case, I’m referring to Divi Builder’s Image Module. It could be better.

The biggest web accessibility issue I see on WordPress websites is bad alt text for images. Sometimes the alt text isn’t helpful, but usually, it’s completely missing.

Screenshot of media attachment optionsAdding alt text is easy. There’s a place for you to enter it when you upload images. If you add the alt text there, WordPress will add the alt text to the image everywhere the image appears EXCEPT in Divi’s Image Module.

The Image Module has its own place to add alt text. That’s problem #1. It’s hard enough to get people to add alt text in the 1st place. Get them to add it twice? Forget about it.

Problem #2 is that they nearly hide it. It’s on the 3rd tab. The tab is labeled Advanced. And it’s down below the custom CSS, something more folks will never touch.

screenshot of divi builder image module

Alt text for images is a key element of web accessibility. And it’s simple. Divi Builder makes it complicated. I made it simple again.

The solution

I made a plugin that adds a 2nd image module to Divi Builder. It’s creatively named, Image (WP Alt Text).

It’s simple to use. Upload the plugin, activate it, and you’re done. Once it’s up and running, you’ll have a new module that works like the default image module. The only difference is that it will use the alt text and image title from the attachment details.

Download Divi Builder Image Module with WordPress Alt Text

If you don’t have a brand new, burgundy (maroon?) button, you have to do a little more work. There’s old info stuck in the cache. Let’s fix that.

The new burgundy module

Clear your browser

  1. Save the post/page you’re working on.
  2. After the page reloads, force your browser to refresh.
  3. Clear any caches on your site.
  4. Clear the cache in Divi Builder. It’s in Theme Options under Divi or Extra, depending on the theme you use. Click the Clear button under Builder.

I don’t know how often I’ll be updating it. But it shouldn’t need much. If you have any issues with it, let me know via the contact page.