Selecting a font for your website can be overwhelming. There are so many options. Google Fonts, a popular free source for professional fonts, has 884 font families.

How can you pick? How does anyone pick?

Picking a font doesn’t matter as much as you think

Yes, you could make a statement with your font. But that’s not its job.

A font is supposed to be read. As long as it is legible, it has done its job.

It isn’t required to do any more than that.

But what about professional designers?

I’m sure there are designers using all kinds of fonts on cool projects. But they’re not web designers.

According to Icon8, designers use the same fonts. Of 2343 fonts uncovered in their research, only about 125 were unique. And the top font, Helvetica, was used on 173 sites. The study looked at 719 websites. That means almost of quarter of the sites used that same font.

Picking a font like a pro

Here’s the process in a few simple steps:

  1. Repeat “I am not making a statement with the font. The font helps my statement be read” 3 times.
  2. Go to the study’s results page:¬†
  3. Ignoring any fonts without a “G” next to it, look at 2 – 4 the fonts (focus on the left column). Spend no more than 15 seconds per font.
  4. Pick one.
  5. After selecting that font, do the same process for the right column. (Select the font you’ve chosen first.)
  6. If you can’t pick a 2nd font, skip it. You only need 1.

Ta daa! You just picked your fonts. You’re done.

But what if fonts do matter?

If fonts are a critical piece of the marketing puzzle, you should do exactly what I just suggested.

I left out a little detail when I introduced that study. They didn’t study every website. They only looked at websites of products that won on Product Hunt.

If fonts make a difference, you should use a font with a successful track record – like these.


  1. You aren’t a designer.
  2. Since you’re not a designer, you should follow the lead of successful, professional designers.
  3. Follow that quick list to pick a font for your website by copying successful, professional designers.
    1. If fonts don’t really matter, just pick one.
    2. If fonts do really matter, just pick one since those are the fonts from winning websites.

I recommend sticking to Google fonts – the ones with the “G”. Google fonts are free. If you’re out scouring the internet for free advice, you shouldn’t be spending money on fonts.