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February 14, 2019
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Task: Understand the goal and contents of this course
Difficulty: Apprentice
You need: This tutorial has no special requirements.

Questions Answered

  1. What is this crash course about?
  2. Who is this crash course for?
  3. What will you get from this crash course?


Coming up with your own design scheme can be hard. This isn’t what you do. Because of that, there’s a gap between your taste and your ability. (You can read more about this idea.)

This can lead to a never-ending cycle of revisions and experiments. Best case scenario - you’re spending time on your website instead of spending time on your business. Worst case scenario - you take a perfectly acceptable website and work on it until it’s a wreck.

My goal is to help you get this done. I want you to put this behind you and get on with the rest of the work you have to do.

Before we go any further, I want to make sure you have realistic expectations about this. You’re not a designer. This crash course won’t turn you into a designer.

No one will call you up just to tell you that your website is so amazing/beautiful/sexy. But no one will call you to tell you how horrible it is. Your goal is to get the design out of the way in every sense. I don’t want you spending time on your design (once you’re done with it). I don’t want anyone talking about it.

We don’t want to build a super awesome looking website.

We want to build a good enough website in as little time as possible.
We want to move on to the money-making aspects of the business as fast as we can.
We want to make money.
We want to make enough money to pay a professional designer to create a design for us.
We want to make enough money to pay a professional builder to build a website for us.

Make sense? I mean I love you for your willingness to take on this challenge. But the 1st rule of this is that you aren’t a designer.

Here is the list of emails you’ll be getting:

  1. Welcome and the goal of this crash course (this email)
  2. Picking colors
  3. Picking fonts
  4. Style guides
  5. How to make a logo when you have no idea
  6. Warnings and roadblocks
  7. The key to good UX
  8. Should you use WordPress?
  9. Should you use Divi?

I’ve tried to put the most actionable items at the top of the list. That doesn’t mean the articles further down the list are less important.


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