Talking about G Suite ("G" as in "Google") might feel a little off the beaten path for a website about "doing more with your business website". But I have yet to see a project that doesn't require sharing files in some way. In fact, I was working on the case study for a huge project and it reminded me how helpful these tools were.

Yeah, you could keep emailing them back and forth, but that's horrible. How much time do you want to spend searching through email threads looking for that 1 file?

But I prefer DropBox. That's a great option for file sharing. But G Suite also lets you collaborate on documents (and eliminates any questions about people running compatible software). You can edit files literally at the same time or leave notes for later.

Why can't I use my personal account? You could. But I prefer to use my personal accounts for personal stuff. Church and state and all that jazz.

But we already have our email set up on another system. It would be too expensive to switch and we have a zillion employees. It sounds like you have no reason to the way you handle your email. But for $15/year, set up another domain and use that for your G Suite account. You don't need to use the email for it to be worth the price.

Besides, you're going to use Google anyway. Want to make a fancy map? You're going to use their API. Want to use Google Analytics? You need an account for that.

Look at the pricing and then judge.

Vs. Free

Some of what I talked about is in the free version of Google Apps. The 3 biggest differences are:

  • Professional email address: instead of (or whatever)
  • Double the storage - 15GB jumps to 30GB (or more)
  • It's separate. As in separate drives, separate email accounts, separate calendars. Don't cross the streams.


G Suite pricing tiers

  • Basic level is $5/user/month
  • Business level is $10/user/month
  • Enterprise level is $25/user/month

You don't need Enterprise level. I don't even recommend Business level unless you have a ton of files to store in the cloud. Basic gives each user 30GB of storage. Business gives each user 1TB (1024GB) of storage for up to 5 users. Then it's unlimited.

For more information or to sign up

G Suite Overview
G Suite Pricing
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G Suite


Ease of use





  • G Drive integration is simple
  • Easy to use
  • Get your business email out of your personal inbox


  • Feels like you're paying for stuff you won't use
  • Cost can scale quickly if you have a lot of employees
  • Does require some technical set up on your server

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