The Buzzard Kings website

Posted by Josh Robbs

The Buzzard Kings are a regional cover act specializing in heartland rock. Their frontman, former Saving Jane guitarist Pat Buzzard, came to me to build a website to promote the band.

Rust Belt built an easy-to-use, 1-page website that included photo and video galleries, a booking form, and events management. I created a retro wordmark and gave the site a vintage touch.

I’ve worked with Josh off and on for over a decade. He knows how to run a website. Hell, back when I was in Saving Jane, his music site ranked higher for the band than ours did.

And now that I’m taking my personal brand to the next level, I’m glad I had him build my website. The site is easy to use and is one of the best looking musician websites I’ve seen.

Pat Buzzard

Professional Musician

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