The Gallagher Corporation website

Posted by Josh Robbs

Gallagher Corporation’s web presence was overshadowed by their outdated, hard-to-update website that wasn’t even mobile friendly. Our 1st project was to migrate the site to a new server and turn their static HTML website into a responsive WordPress website.

Existing styles were translated into a theme, page data was transferred along with updated SEO information, and nearly a hundred redirects were added to maintain search engine authority. A tough but successful project all around.

Several projects followed including a stand-alone website that was combined with the main site during a redesign that I also did.

I have worked with Josh on several web rebuilds over the past two years. His knowledge of WordPress is excellent.

He is quick to share his knowledge and make suggestions to improve UX and site performance. I have learned a lot from Josh and I am very thankful that we connected.

Tony Leto

Social Media and Digital Maven with 30+ Years in B2B Marketing

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